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Why your initial choice of entity is so important

7 November 2019

It all began when Fred saw you about buying the farm next door. His existing farm was held by a family company set up years ago. Fred wanted to buy the new farm in the family company to keep things together. You wisely said you should speak to Fred’s accountant, Roger, first. Continue Reading..

Buying or selling: beware the sting of the GST

28 October 2019

Charlie and Chloe are old clients – and now they’re back. Some years ago they bought their dream home with a large block of land they couldn’t afford to live in and had to rent it out until they could. Continue Reading..

Advising on the purchase of land? Beware the sting of GST withholding

25 October 2019

You are acting for Charlie and Chloe, new clients who left their former solicitor because, they say, he ‘stuffed up badly about GST’ on previous transactions. Chloe is clearly the spokesperson. Continue Reading..

Foreign trusts and duty – it’s just not cricket...

22 October 2019

You lay back in your hammock and take in the glittering ocean and warm, white sand. You are on a husband and kid-free holiday with your sister and have seven days of relaxation ahead of you. You are about to take a sip of your mojito, when your mobile rings - it’s work. Continue Reading..

Cropping our sunburnt country, on a handshake….

10 October 2019

The use of share farmers and contractors to plant, spray, nurture and harvest crops on an informal handshake is common.  Continue Reading..

Thinking of buying or selling a Residential property?

10 September 2019

A ‘Residential property’ cannot be advertised for sale, either privately or by an agent, until a Contract for Sale, also known as a listing contract, has been prepared.  Continue Reading..

Taking water under a basic landholder right

9 August 2019

Jack is a mad gardener and owns a small 5 acre property on a hill near the Tumut River. Jack lives off grid and has a veggie patch that’s the envy of the district. There is a small 3 meter wide strip of land owned by Jill between Jack’s property and the river.  Continue Reading..

Dolly’s Law

11 July 2019

In early 2018 Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett tragically took her own life after being subjected to an extended period of bullying and cyberbullying; a story which touched so many nationwide. Her family has rallied around this devastating incident to raise awareness for bullying through ‘Dolly’s Dream” – a campaign focused on research, education and planning and implementation for others dealing with bullying and also for families who have experienced similar tragedies.  Continue Reading..

The future of your farming business – to plan or not to plan?

12 June 2019

For many, the thought of succession planning can cause a lot of angst. The parents may worry about how to make things ‘fair’ between their children, on-farm kids may worry about taking on too much and off-farm kids may wonder where they fit into the equation.  Continue Reading..

Attorney acting against the principal’s wishes

10 May 2019

Attorney’s responsibilities and actions are a heightened concern for lawyers today. As society has recently put a spotlight on elder-abuse issues, the decisions and proposals of an appointed attorney are carefully reviewed by law firms, courts and tribunals alike.  Continue Reading..