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Foreign Surcharges and Discretionary Trusts, the clock is ticking...

29 November 2019

The State Revenue Legislation Further Amendment Bill 2019 (“Bill”) proposes to amend the duties and land tax legislation so that all discretionary trusts are considered ‘foreign persons’ for duties and land tax surcharges unless the terms of the trust prevent a foreign person from being a beneficiary. Continue Reading..

Why your initial choice of entity is so important

7 November 2019

It all began when Fred saw you about buying the farm next door. His existing farm was held by a family company set up years ago. Fred wanted to buy the new farm in the family company to keep things together. You wisely said you should speak to Fred’s accountant, Roger, first. Continue Reading..

Buying or selling: beware the sting of the GST

28 October 2019

Charlie and Chloe are old clients – and now they’re back. Some years ago they bought their dream home with a large block of land they couldn’t afford to live in and had to rent it out until they could. Continue Reading..

Advising on the purchase of land? Beware the sting of GST withholding

25 October 2019

You are acting for Charlie and Chloe, new clients who left their former solicitor because, they say, he ‘stuffed up badly about GST’ on previous transactions. Chloe is clearly the spokesperson. Continue Reading..

Foreign trusts and duty – it’s just not cricket...

22 October 2019

You lay back in your hammock and take in the glittering ocean and warm, white sand. You are on a husband and kid-free holiday with your sister and have seven days of relaxation ahead of you. You are about to take a sip of your mojito, when your mobile rings - it’s work. Continue Reading..

Lost trust deed and the presumption of regularity

18 July 2018

You arrive at work early Tuesday morning grateful for the peace and quiet of your office after a morning of melodramatic tantrums by your two year old son. You’d given him 3 strawberries, turns out he only wanted 2, and the morning went downhill from there.  Continue Reading..

Death by crocodile: not necessarily tax-free

7 June 2018

This article was published in this month's edition of the Law Society Journal of NSW.

Peter and Patricia have instructed you to prepare their wills. They rent the family home but own two commercial properties, each worth about $3 million and subject to a mortgage of $2.5 million. They have a share portfolio, which they started to acquire during the 1990s. Finally, they also have a self managed superannuation fund with a policy on Peter’s life for $2.5 million – to pay off the debt. Continue Reading..

A Broken Marriage and a Hefty Tax Bill

11 May 2018

You’ve been acting for your sister Ana in relation to the breakdown of her marriage to Chris. Ana has been cheating on Chris pretty much since they were married. You suspect Chris knew about it deep down, everyone else did, but pretended he didn’t to keep the family together. But he’d finally had enough and decided to leave her. Continue Reading..

Quit Horsing About

9 March 2018

You act for Bill and Jo Smith on the sale of their 20 acre property in Bourke known as "Racecourse Road" which is well known in the town for breeding and selling race horses. It also holds local races every couple of months. Bill and Jo also own other adjoining property and have been capturing and selling goats, the meat of which is exported to the Middle East. Continue Reading..

Accountants and lawyers: Friends or adversaries?

6 February 2018

This article was published in this month's edition of the Law Society Journal of NSW.

You can’t stand Harvey. He’s an accountant in the same suburb, and you have some mutual clients. Harvey is rude, arrogant and full of a sense of his own importance. He has little respect for lawyers generally and seems to think himself superior to you. In the past you have lost clients because Harvey has said bad things about you. Continue Reading..