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National employment standards

5 November 2013

National Employment Standards

The Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) provides an employee with a safety net of minimum terms and conditions of employment through the National Employment Standards (NES).  Continue Reading..

NSW Office of State Revenue exemptions, concessions and grants

9 October 2013

Are you thinking about buying your first home or do you intend to buy a vacant block of land on which you will build your first home in NSW? Continue Reading..

What you should know about the effect of marriage and divorce on your Will

5 September 2013

What happens to a Will upon Marriage

Unless your will specifically says it was made in contemplation of marriage, when you do marry your existing will is automatically revoked.  Continue Reading..

Are you thinking about leasing a shop?

1 August 2013

If the answer is yes, then here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

A retail lease discloses the relationship between a landlord and a tenant of a retail shop.

The leasing of a shop falls under the Retail Leases Act. The Act does not only cover shops but also  Continue Reading..

Do you have a will?

1 July 2013

Are you one of the 5 million Australians over the age of 25 that doesn’t have a Will?

Many of us avoid talking about it but having a Will is important. A Will can protect the future of your family and loved ones. Too often, families end up in arguments because a Will has not been left.
 Continue Reading..

The dangers of work sex and pizza

1 April 2013

Ever wondered what happens if you are injured on a work related trip? Most people would assume that if it happened to you whilst you were actually ‘on the job’ you would be entitled to workers compensation but what about after work; are you still covered? Two recent cases offer an interesting insight into how Courts view the employment relationship. Continue Reading..

Are you an eligible witness?

4 March 2013

Lydia moved into your Street a few months ago.
You have spoken to Lydia on a number of occasions and even joined her for afternoon tea.
One day Lydia asks if you could witness her signature on a Transfer in relation to the sale of her house in Bathurst.
What should you do?
Section 117 of the Real Property Act 1900 states that all dealings, Caveats and Applications must be signed and witnessed by an ‘eligible witness’ and the ‘eligible witness’ must also sign the document.
An ‘eligible witness’ must:
• be over 18 years of age; and
• not be a party to the transaction; and
• have known the person who is signing the document for at least one (1) year; or
• have taken reasonable steps to confirm the identity of that person.  Continue Reading..

Partnership pre-nup

1 February 2013

While going into business with someone to take advantage of combined resources and abilities is a great idea, prior to entering into business together you should ensure you have in place a properly drafted partnership agreement.  Continue Reading..

Swimming pool laws

17 January 2013

The incidence of drownings and serious injuries occurring in private swimming pools and particularly concerning young children has resulted in the enactment of additional legislation relating to swimming pools. Continue Reading..